“Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do”


At Luscii we have decided that we don't need an office. Working together in real life still has its benefits, but it can no longer be viewed as essential to teamwork or business success. Instead, cutting commutes seems to increase productivity and happiness–and for those of us who enjoyed listening to a podcast on the train, we now have the free time to take a walk instead.

Setting up your WFH office


When you start working at Luscii you'll have a budget of 500 Euro to create the ideal home office setup. Use it however you like, but try to follow the guidelines below. The Onboarder role can help you with this and can also help you to get reimbursed or order it for you.

When you have already been working at Luscii for a while, and your chair breaks, you need a new screen or anything else that will help improve your setup and your focus, you know what to do.

Note: The office budget is is not part of your personal budget, as we believe the personal budget should only be used to grow and flourish.

Follow the checklist to make sure you have the ideal WFH setup.


Home / remote working (data) security policy

As a Lusciian, you play a critical role in the protection of confidential and sensitive data at the company. Regardless of any systems and technical security controls in place, you will always be the first line of defense. The success of our data protection efforts will succeed or fail based on your choices and actions.