At Luscii we find it important that new Lusciians feel welcomed from the start. Therefore we have several roles within Luscii with the primary goal of helping you get started and integrate within Luscii as soon as possible. The onboarding process at Luscii begins as soon as an offer is accepted and lasts throughout your first year at Luscii. We have defined several phases in the onboarding year which are explained below.

Before you start

Four weeks before your first day at Luscii, the Onboarder will contact you to explain how things are done at Luscii and what you can expect in your first months. The Onboarder will also make an inventory of the devices you need and will help you to set up your home office. All necessary equipment will be send to you by mail. Any questions you have during this phase can be directed to the Onboarder.

Your first day

On your first day, the Onboarder will welcome you and explain the process again. You will get a Luscii Kabaji account. In this account you will find video’s and other information about Luscii. You will learn more about our culture, how to ask for time off and what the different circles entail.. at this moment in time.. because they might be different next month! 😅

You will also be assigned a buddy, with whom you can ask all questions related to your new role. He or she will help you to set up all the relevant accounts and environments as well as point you to all relevant documentation. If possible, you will also have a role fit chat with your Lead Link who can tell you what is expected in your role in your first weeks.


In the first four weeks at Luscii you can watch the videos in Kajabi, learn more about your role(s) and set up meet-and-greets with Lusciians. The purpose of the introduction period is to help you understand, navigate, and comply with the company’s culture, and expectations. We don't expect you to do any actual work yet, but only expect you to understand what you are getting yourself into, and it gives us time to get to know you. So say hello to as many people as you can, introduce yourself in Slack and say 👋🏼 in the demo and attend meetings. If you have any questions during this period, ask your buddy or the New Lusciians guide. At the end of your intro-month, we will do an employment review, where we will ask your peers and your lead link to give feedback about you and answer the question: "knowing what you know now, would you invite this person into the organisation again with their current relationship terms?". If all people vote "yes", (with neutral votes ignored) we will continue your employment.

Please note that while an employment review at the end of your probationary period may seem like a major event, it's typically a formality, and it's challenging to fail. Since we don't anticipate a new hire to accomplish much in their first month, it's difficult to assess how well they fit in their role. Failing would only occur if you exhibited behavior that was completely at odds with our culture, or if you had attendance problems that impacted team dynamics and productivity.