Version 1.8

1. About

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1.1. Product

Luscii vitals

Version 1.1

1.2. Company Information

Luscii healthtech B.V.

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 216

3511 HG Utrecht

The Netherlands

[email protected]

1.3. Date of Issue

These Instructions for Use (IFU) were last updated on 2021-08-12 into version 1.7.

1.4. Important Contacts

1.4.1. Luscii Support

The Luscii Support team is the point of contact for any clinician or patient with questions regarding the functionality of the Luscii vitals. Since the Device is integrated into Third party systems such as electronic patient medical records and home monitoring applications, please contact the support team of the Third party integration directly if you have questions about the Third party product.

You may request a hardcopy version of these Instructions for Use from Luscii Support as well if you so wish.