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How to use the Luscii Academii Library?

The Luscii Academii Library is a collection of personal development tools. We have identified four categories, and every Library Card features labels to identify the themes they cover (like 'personal leadership' or 'physical wellbeing').

These are the categories:

  1. Tools and platforms
  2. Coaches
  3. Courses & trainings
  4. Books, videos and podcasts

Each card includes a description, links to websites or assets to find more information, costs involved, contact details and a growing number of reviews from Lusciians that have made use of the asset.

When you have something to add to the library, please do so without asking (informing the Academii Librarian about the new addition is appreciated). And when you have experience with any of the tools, let your fellow Lusciians know by leaving a review!

How do I choose?

Feel free to browse through the Luscii Academii Library for inspiration, but when you are looking for help in making the right choice then we have Personal Guides available at your dispense. They can help you identify where you are in terms of personal development and discover what direction to take from there.

Luscii Academii Library

1. Tools and platforms

2. Coaches

3. Courses and trainings