1. Introduction to Library Guidelines

1.1. Luscii Programs

  1. The Luscii Library is the sharing platform where Medical Developers can share configurations and settings on how they use Luscii in their day to day practice. This is done via the concept that is called Luscii Programs.

<aside> 💡 **The definition of a Luscii Program is as follows: **A program with pre-set Luscii platform configurations of instruments, self care, moments and/or alert- and action algorithms for a specific disease type, care pathway or target group that can be shared amongst healthcare professionals to use in their day-to-day practice and leading to a share of the program license fee for the Medical Developer of the Luscii Program.


  1. Via our website you can access al the Luscii Programs. On the website you can find also programs that are currently in the process of development, these have the status of Luscii Labs. The guidelines below do not apply to Luscii Labs.

1.2. Medical Developers

  1. Luscii Programs are created by Medical Developers. Medical Developers can be any professional working in healthcare.
  2. Medical Developers can create programs in two ways:
    1. With help of Luscii after they have received a proposal and this is accepted;
    2. Themselves when they become a member of the Certified Medical Developer Program which gives them access to Luscii’s Builder software once they have completed a training.
  3. Medical Developers can use their own programs and can submit their programs to the Luscii Library following the Program Submission process (Chapter 3 of these guidelines).
  4. In this sense, the concept of the Luscii Library is comparable with an app store where developers can create, share and earn.

2. Each Luscii Program adheres to 5 rules

2.1. Introduction to rules

  1. Luscii wants to provide a consistent experience that supports patients and healthcare professionals. This means all Luscii Programs should reflect this. Therefore, Luscii has created a set of rules which a Luscii Program should fulfill.
  2. In order to make sure all Programs in the Luscii Library adhere to these rules, the Medical Developers Team at Luscii curates all programs that are submitted to the Luscii Library as described in chapter 3 of these guidelines.
  3. Luscii is authorized to change these Library guidelines at any moment in time since the Luscii Library is an innovative concept that - once it is more used - will lead to new insights. In case the guideline changes, the 70% revenue fee as mentioned below for existing programs at that moment accepted in the Luscii Library will remain valid.
  4. Below are the rules arranged into five clear sections: Supported, Remote-care solution, Experience, Uniqueness and Continuity.

2.2. Rules

2.1. Rule 1: You support the Luscii Program