Pyramids are for mummies

Hierarchy is great for controlling large groups of people and maintaining predictability and repeatability. We don’t believe in conventional hierarchy. Pyramids are for mummies. We try to find the best people and trust them with the freedom to make decisions within their expertise. We believe in clear accountabilities with the authority and responsibility to act. We believe in fast decision-making by the experts in each domain. We believe that to grow to last, we need to be responsive to change, and evolve and improve continuously. We believe managers are not necessary for success, and we should reduce overhead as much as possible. That is why we are practicing Holacracy at Luscii.

Working according to Holacracy means that there is a lot of freedom and responsibility for everyone to act in their roles. This can feel scary, adventurous, and energizing. Everyone has to find their way through different roles and circles. But remember, we will help each other to grow and be successful together. In this text, we will not dive into the details of Holacracy, but we will give every new member of the team a thorough training so that after a few months it will feel like a natural way of working.

In line with our company values, Luscii is a fully remote company. Therefore, your time at Luscii is probably divided between working at a shared office, working at home, working on the train, on the plane, from the car, at a partner or customer’s office, or even at a patient’s home. You know best what is needed to fill your accountabilities and get the most out of your roles. Hence, you decide where you work and when you work. Are you a night owl and want to work from 10.30h to 20.00h? Or you are an early bird starting at 7.00h and leaving the office at 15.00h to do some exercising? We think it is all fine as long as it works for the colleagues and circles you work with, and the partners and customers you have to interact with. You have the freedom and responsibility to organise your work in the most effective way for you and your teams.

You have the freedom and responsibility to organise your work in the most effective way for you and your teams.

Giving you the flexibility to work when it works for you, we also expect you to be flexible when Luscii needs you. Any urgent fires to fight? Outages to fix? We expect you to step up and help out. Working overtime should never become the norm though. And when you see people (or yourself) in crunch mode for extended periods of time, raise a tension so we can solve it through governance. Have the courage (and take the freedom) to say no to projects or opportunities that are too much right now or will hurt us in the longer term.

Flexibility Vs Responsibility

On average, you are expected to work 8 hours a day for 4 days. On a normal Dutch working day, this means being at the office for 8.5 hours as the lunch break is not included in your working hours. There might be days where you work a few extra hours or a bit less hours. We leave it up to you to compensate and get to an 8-hour average yourself. We will not be registering overtime. Within the day you are free to divide the hours the way you see fit and what works for your direct colleagues.

Etiquette for all members of Luscii.

Unless you have a specific and documented, agreement with your team, this is what Luscii expects from you: