Although your primary reason for working at Luscii might not be the money, it is still nice to get a financial reward for your efforts.

The rationale

At Luscii, we aim to ensure a fair and objective distribution of salaries for our full-time employees. Here's why we've moved away from traditional yearly performance evaluations:

  1. Learning Focus: Tying salaries to performance can hinder learning and open conversations about areas needing improvement.
  2. Context Matters: Performance is influenced by context, opportunities, individual efforts, and collaboration with colleagues.
  3. Individual Complexity: It's impractical to assess and compare individual performance, especially in roles like development.
  4. Motivation Realities: Research suggests pay-for-performance isn't a sustainable motivator. We prioritize intrinsic motivation and fair compensation.
  5. Demotivating Appraisals: Yearly performance appraisals are often cited as demotivating events by both managers and employees.

With these considerations, we've crafted a new compensation system with the following principles:

  1. Objective Evaluation: We aim for fairness and objectivity, devoid of personal preferences or biases.
  2. Simplicity in Complexity: Despite the complexity of fair evaluations, we strive to keep the process as simple as possible.
  3. Concrete Behavior Metrics: Evaluations focus on concrete behaviors rather than vague expectations, providing clarity on expectations and areas for improvement.
  4. Value-Based Compensation: Your compensation aligns with the value you contribute to Luscii; more value and responsibility translate to higher compensation.
  5. Person-Centric Evaluation: Given the multifaceted nature of roles at Luscii, we evaluate individuals rather than specific roles or functions.

This framework guides our approach to compensation, ensuring fairness, simplicity, and recognition of your contributions.