Within Luscii we have several roles to whom you can turn to if you want to talk, depending on your query.


Personal guides

Our personal guides will help you with tailored directions for personal development. To start (or reignite) your journey, we encourage you to check in with a Personal Guide. They can help you identify where you are in terms of personal development and discover what direction to take from there. There are Lusciians and external coaches that energise this role and you are free to choose who to talk to. Every Personal Guide works from the same approach has a general understanding of our Holacracy and is aware of the full spectrum of growth opportunities we offer. In the Luscii Academy library, you can find more information about the personal guides and how they can help you.

Growth counsellors

The main purpose of the growth counsellor is to maximize Lusciian potential. The growth counsellors motivate people to grow and develop themselves within Luscii. They guide Lusciians to make decisions about their career and counsel them how to grow. If you have done a compensation review of a feedback survey, they can help you by discussing the results and creating an action plan. The counsellors are there to help you figure out what you need, and how you can get that. They aren’t there to fix your problems for you, that is something you ultimately have to do yourself, but they can help you clarify the situation, change your view on things, and get you moving in the right direction. They can help you determine what gaps exist between your existing skills and the skills required to reach the current and future goals or help you find a course or a role within Luscii to energize you again. Growth counsellors help you discover, develop and demonstrate your potential.

External coaches

Talking to a coach can help you to insights about yourself that are sometimes hard to see all by yourself. When you’re stuck or want to get inspired on how to fulfil your potential, you can check in with a coach. We have some in our network, but you can also find your own!

Health buddy

The main purpose of the Health buddy is the safety and health of Lusciians and to prevent any accidents or (long-term) absenteeism. So if you ever feel stressed out, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, or unable to meet constant demands, please contact your Health Buddy. He or she can help you to create an action plan.

Always start by making an appointment with your doctor and getting an objective medical assessment. Prioritize taking care of yourself to replenish personal resources. If you want a preventive talk with our "arbodienst", without the interference of the Health buddy, this is also possible.

Contact details of the Case Manager (also in Glassfrog):

Brigitte Sluik:

[email protected]