Our culture is designed to help you prosper as a human being and experience exceptional personal growth through work as the vehicle, while generating great business outcomes and above all have exceptional impact on our purpose. We believe both are inextricably linked.

Our culture has one requirement: a growth mindset – a willingness to learn, try new things, fail, and push yourself to grow. Teammates who have that will thrive while those who don’t will not.

In our culture, you don’t work endless hours for the sake of working – you make every hour at work count, so you can make every hour count when you’re not working.

We stand for a culture in which:

The pledge

Luscii commits to

  1. Putting the team’s health and well-being first.
  2. Keeping standards for execution high, but fair.
  3. Giving feedback frequently, consistently, and candidly.
  4. Treating time with the company as one moment in a thriving career. There will be a time someone leaves, and there will be history before Luscii.
  5. Making culture deliberate — and not accidental or afterthought.
  6. Inviting everyone to take ownership, and expecting them to take ownership as if it were their own company — making decisions, moving forward, and speaking up.
  7. Making work hours count in order to not have to count work hours.
  8. Encouraging personality, fun, self-care, and a personal life — and not treating these as “sacrifices” to the altar of overwork.
  9. Welcoming people of all personalities, backgrounds, beliefs, and philosophies.
  10. Caring deeply about impact — both in what the company does for the world, and what it does for its people.